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Caution Deleted for Historic Sexual Assault Youth Caution

Our client had been issued with a youth final warning (called a youth caution today) for a sexual assault. The facts of the allegation were complex, and related to bullying the client had been the victim of at school. The school had failed to protect him from ongoing bullying and which had culminated in

ABH Youth Caution Removed for Client

We have again successfully removed a youth reprimand (now called a youth caution) for a client. Police Caution and Youth Caution (reprimand) Removal Solicitors The client, a trainee teacher, had undertaking extensive academic study and teacher training only to be prevented from qualifying as a teacher due to a historic youth reprimand for ABH (Actual

ABH youth reprimand downgraded

We were instructed by a client to challenge an unfairly issued youth reprimand for ABH (now called a youth caution). Unfairly Issued Youth Warnings and Cautions The client was training to be a teacher and only discovered the reprimand would affect him after undertaking many years of higher education. As the reprimand was for

Police Caution Removal

We are the leading legal practice for police caution removal. We have years of experience of successfully applying for the removal of police cautions. Our director, Matthew Elkins, set up the police caution removal and DBS appeals practice at a national solicitors firm, before setting up Legisia Legal and dedicating his legal practice to

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